A little about me, then..

My name is Rebeka McFarlane, and I am a self-taught, freelance artist. I live and work in beautiful small town Port Dover, on the shores of Lake Erie. I share my cozy apartment with my boyfriend Trevor, and our assortment of furry/feathered friends.

My weapons of choice are, more often than not, simply pencil and paper, but I do occasionally dabble in the messier stuff - charcoal, paint, and the like. I am inspired by the diversity of the human form, and moved by colour.

While I've been creating personalized portraits and the occasional painting for myself for many years, I made the decision to take my hobby to the next level and began selling my artwork in honor of my Mom, who I lost in November of 2013 to Stomach Cancer. It was always her wish to see me do something with my passion.